Is a Broken Air Conditioner an Emergency?

Summer is ramping up here in Indiana and it won’t be long before your air conditioner is running around the clock to keep up with the rising temperatures. But what if your air conditioner can’t keep up? If it quits in the middle of the night or on a weekend, is that an emergency? Today on the blog, your friends at Reve Porter Heating and Air Conditioning are discussing when to call the emergency line and when to wait for regular business hours.

What Is a True AC Emergency?

Extreme Temperatures

Typically, different companies have different standards for what constitutes a true emergency and what can wait for regular business hours. Most companies agree that on a very hot day or night, an air conditioner is necessary for the health and safety of our clients and we will be happy to assist you. Generally, if the temperatures are over 90 degrees during the day or 80 degrees at night, an emergency contractor will come out to help you avoid that discomfort. However, if your house is just a little too warm on a 75 degree evening, you can likely turn on a fan and wait until morning.

Burning Smells

Next, if you notice a burning smell coming from your air conditioner, you should absolutely call a technician right away. These smells are usually a sign of an electrical complication or a part that has become overheated and is starting to burn. If your system smells like it’s burning, turn it off and call Reve Porter right away!

Loud Sounds

Finally, if your air conditioner is making a loud, shrieking noise, the cause could be dangerous and is, therefore, an emergency. It may be that the fan belt is simply too loose and regular maintenance can easily fix the situation. However, sometimes the reason for the loud noise is that the compressor is functioning at a high level of pressure and that can be unsafe. If the noise is very loud, turn off the system and call our 24/7 emergency line before more damage is done.

To avoid an AC emergency, be sure to schedule regular maintenance with Reve Porter Heating and Air Conditioning. However, we understand that problems arise at the worst possible times, so don’t hesitate to contact our emergency line in an emergency. Contact us today at (317) 978-6523.