Understanding Your Thermostat

Your home is your sanctuary from the outside world, so it should be warm and comfortable at all times. However, it’s not always easy to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature inside your home. There are always outside factors to consider and if you don’t understand your thermostat, your HVAC system might not be working as efficiently as it could be. That’s why our team at Reve Porter Heating and Air Conditioning has put together this guide for thermostats.

Understanding Your Thermostat

What Does the Thermostat Do?

The thermostat is the boss of your HVAC system. Your heating and air conditioning kick on when the thermostat tells them to, and they stop when your home reaches the specified temperature. Just as your brain controls your body, your thermostat controls your home’s heating and cooling. When this control center is functioning incorrectly, everything else stops functioning properly as a result.

Why Is the Thermostat Important?

Not only is the thermostat instrumental in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your house, it can also directly influence your monthly utility bills. Because your HVAC system won’t work efficiently when the thermostat isn’t working properly, your heating and cooling systems will have to work harder to catch up. Or worse, they could run constantly due to temperature confusion, causing a major spike in your heating bill for the month.

Can I Fix a Broken Thermostat?

The good news is, thermostats are often pretty simple to fix. Start by checking the manual for your thermostat. If you have a digital thermostat, there might even be functions to help you troubleshoot. If all else fails, call in the professionals to get you back on track!

Keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long with a properly functioning thermostat. Contact Reve Porter Heating and Air Conditioning in Indianapolis today at (317) 978-6523 or request a free estimate online.