3 Easy Ways to Keep Your AC Clean

Your air conditioner is an appliance that you should be able to depend on all summer long. With regular professional maintenance and good air conditioner practice, it should provide you with comfortable temperatures and very few malfunctions. But, is there anything else you should be doing to make sure it is running at its peak? In fact, our team at Reve Porter Heating and Air Conditioning recommends cleaning your air conditioner to help it run efficiently. Below are three easy things you could be doing to keep your air conditioner clean.

How to Keep Your AC Clean

1. Check the Coils

The coils in your air conditioning unit will, over time, collect dirt and dust, thereby making your unit work harder to push out cool air. The dirt build-up can prevent proper air flow and ruin heat absorption, and may even cause the coils to freeze up. To avoid this, simply turn off your air conditioner, remove any leaves or debris from outside of the unit and carefully remove the top of the unit. You will then use a vacuum to sweep up the dirt and debris out of the bottom of the unit as well as the sides. Be sure to use caution when handling the inside of your unit so you don’t do any damage to the fins.

2. Clean the Fins

Next, you will check and clean the fins. The fins are what keep the airflow running in and out of your unit and they are very delicate. Check for any bent or damaged fins and if you find damage, call a professional. If they are in good working order, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to gently suck the dirt and debris off of them, and then replace the top of the air conditioner.

3. Change Your Filter and Clean Your Vents

Finally, once the outside unit is clean, head inside and change your air filter. Filters get clogged with dirt and dust, and must be replaced regularly to keep your AC running efficiently. Next, check on your vents and make sure none of them are blocked or dirty. Dusting often and preventing aerosol products from entering the vents will help prevent build-up inside the air ducts.

If you aren’t comfortable cleaning your own AC unit or need other maintenance, contact the experts at Reve Porter Heating and Air Conditioning in Greenwood, IN, at (317) 978-6523. Our certified repair technicians will carefully examine your system and fix any problems.