Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC System?

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare to hear the words, “You need to replace your furnace or air conditioner!” But, unfortunately, things don’t last forever. However, at Reve Porter Heating and Air Conditioning, we never recommend replacing a unit unless it is absolutely necessary, and what we believe is best for the customer. Therefore, to avoid any sales tactics that you may come across when dealing with other HVAC technicians, here are a few things to consider before replacing your unit. Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC System?

How Old Is the System?

Generally, HVAC systems are built to last for approximately 12 years. If your unit is less than 12 years old, it’s probably best to repair it instead of replace it. Typically, around the 12-year mark, your equipment will start to lose efficiency and incur a higher repair cost. This is especially true if your AC has R-22 refrigerant. This refrigerant is no longer being produced and will be obsolete in the near future.

How Severe Is the Problem?

Some issues can be repaired at a low cost, such as loose or broken ductwork, a clogged drain line, electrical problem, or a problem due to poor maintenance. However, if the compressor has gone bad or if the coil has a leak, you may need to consider a replacement as these repairs require higher priced materials and/or extensive labor costs.

Is the Unit Sized Appropriately?

If your unit was installed properly using load calculators and equipment data, then it likely is repairable. However, if your equipment wasn’t sized properly, you will continue to experience problems. For example, if it is oversized, it will likely short cycle, causing premature failure and poor humidity control.

Whether you need your HVAC system repaired or replaced, Reve Porter is here to help with expert service and advice. Contact us today at (317) 978-6523 or request a free estimate online. We serve Greenwood and the surrounding areas with experienced HVAC service.