The Sounds of a Failing Furnace

With winter in full swing here in Indianapolis, it’s important to be sure your furnace is running at full capacity. The last thing you need is for your furnace to stall just as the next winter storm hits. A great way to ensure your furnace is functioning properly is by listening to it. If you know how to identify warning sounds, you can catch a minor problem before it turns into a full-on furnace failure. Listen for any of the sounds on this list, put together by our expert team at Reve Porter Heating & Air Conditioning.

The Sounds of a Failing Furnace

1. Banging

A banging or clanging is the first (and worst) sound to listen for. Generally, banging means that your furnace is working much harder than it should and it may quit on you soon. Sometimes, a banging sound might just mean your new system is breaking in, but in most cases, it’s a system that is under too much strain and is about to fail.

2. Popping

Popping is another sound that means your furnace is working too hard. Popping may mean that your burners are dirty or that they’re taking longer to ignite than they should. Popping can also mean that your filters need to be replaced or that your furnace is becoming inefficient. If your furnace is popping, call an expert immediately as this problem can turn into a fire hazard.

3. Scraping

Finally, listen for any scraping noises coming from your furnace. This sound may mean that your furnace fan or other internal parts have come loose and are rubbing against one another. Unsurprisingly, this problem can cause serious damage to your furnace, so it’s important to turn the unit off immediately and call in a professional before more damage is done.

If you hear any of these sounds, don’t hesitate to call in the experts at Reve Porter Heating & Air Conditioning. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Greenwood and the surrounding areas south of Indianapolis. Contact us today at (317) 978-6523 or request a free estimate online.